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The material gathered in the production phase of the project will be loaded into our non-linear digital edit suite and then the editor starts to assemble the programme.

At this stage you will see the words on the script come to life. The draft (off-line) edit will contain sample audio effects and music which will be mastered in the final edit.

Once an initial draft edit has been created from the original script, we will show you the edit and at this stage you will be able to make any adjustments required, i.e. shortening of interviews, adjustments to flow and pace of the programme, adding or removal of voice-over, music, titles and graphics.

As soon as you are happy with the rough edit we move onto the final (on-line) edit where the audio and visuals are mastered for the final programme. It is at this stage that the sound really comes together. We have a wide range of equipment available in our own studio with facilities to remove clicks, noise and other unwanted artefacts.

We can produce overdubs in different languages and add final sound effects, as required.

We believe that the composer is a key member of the production team. Excellent video quality is only half the story when putting together a professional production. A very high standard of audio quality ensures that your audience remains fully engrossed in the product.

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