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We believe that carefully planning the project is the key to delivering great results on time. Investing that little bit of extra time in early planning pays off later by eliminating re-shoots and reworks due to bad communication between the client and the company.

The first element of this category is the idea. No idea, no video. The result of determining your company’s goals will dictate the idea of the video, Imari will then work with you and produce a treatment that will outline the overall style of the programme and the budget required.

Once a style has been agreed, we move onto the scripting of the programme which is used to show the audio and visual material that is required in the production stage of the project. The crew use this as the so called ‘instruction manual’ showing the producers and directors requirements for the programme.

After the scripting stage, a shotlist and/or storyboard are produced to show the more detailed planning of the programme. Locations then need to be found to film the video, this may be at your offices or in a studio, the script will dictate this and we will advise you of any pit-falls.

Cast and Crew will then be put in place. The complexity of the production will highlight if actors or your staff or a combination of the two are required for the project.

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